International Landscape Design Competition

Can food, electricity and beauty share the same piece of land?
The agrivoltaic garden at NeoruraleHub
20 June 2022

Food and energy synergy for the future

Imagining Noah’s Ark of XXI century, it cannot but save solutions able to integrate all kinds of energy production, meaning electric energy for devices and food for human methabolism. This is why all design solutions have to be such to integrate Energy and Food on the same land area.

The challenge

How to design energy from the photovoltaic modules so that it is a beautiful piece of food productive landscape?

What is Agrivoltaics?

Agrivoltaic systems are a solution for sharing land for food and energy. Photovoltaic modules are installed in a way that land surface is available for agricultural activities, and crops can even benefit from the shadow from photovoltaics. This way the integration between electric energy and food production is fully achieved.

How do cultural landscapes of XXI century look like?

The project will harmoniously incorporate the agrivoltaic system with the surrounding countryside composition, by blending its structure into the existing natural landscape pattern and improve the surrounding ecosystem simultaneously.

Competition Organisers

Download full competition brief for more information

The design competition is open to architects and landscape architects.


1st Prize

Assignment for the design of the agrivoltaic garden

2nd Prize

5.000 €

3rd Prize

3.000 €

Jury panel


Fabrizio Cembalo Sambiase

AIAPP Italian Association of Landscape Architecture - IT


Daniela Di Cosmo

Municipality of Giussago - IT


Fausto Ferruzza

Legambiente - IT


Matteo Marini

NeoruraleHub - IT


Annalisa Metta

IN/Arch National Institute of Architecture - IT


Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry

LAGI Land Art Generator Initiative - USA


Heinz Ossenbrink

Senior advisor on Renewables ETA Florence Renewable Energies - DE


Alessandra Scognamiglio

ENEA Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development - IT


Sven Stremke

Wageningen University Amsterdam Academy of Architecture - NL


Christian Thiel

Joint Research Center of the European Commission - IT

Key dates

Opening date for registration

17 March 2022

Opening date for submission

31 March 2022

Competition Q&A deadline

20 April 2022

Closing date for registration & submission

20 June 2022

Announcements of the winners

27 September 2022

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